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Sudden Gust Fuchiko (Single Figure)

Hang on fuchiko! Single figure of fuchiko hanging on to her shoes for dear life as a sudden gust of wind tries to blow her off the cup.
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★Hot Flash Fuchiko - Fuchico on the Cup Onsen 2

She was in the hot spring for too long and she got a hot flash! This mini-figure is made to hang onto your cup. Fuchico on the Cup is a series of Japanese gachapon.
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Reverse vertical Fuchiko YELLOW - Fuchico on the Cup 2 Fresh

She's not only cute, she's also a skilled acrobat!♥
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★Outstretching legs Fuchiko NAVY - Fuchico on the Cup 2 Navy

Is she relaxing or is she stretching?!♥
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