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Release date for Onsen Fuchiko ver.2 Announced!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

I was so excited today to find a Facebook post from Asunarosya announcing the official date for the release of Onsen Fuchiko ver.2!

Onsen Fuchico ver.2

This new set is so cute and will be a great addition to the other onsen Fuchicos!

You can pre-order a blind box here. Let's see the lineup:

Fuchiko visiting different onsens

湯めぐりのフチ子 (yumeguri no Fuchiko) - Fuchico touring onsens

I think she's holding some kind of pamphlet. I wouldn't be surprised it actually had a tiny print on it like the one secret from Fuchico on the Cup 3! I love the rose pattern on her yukata ♥

Ping pong Fuchico - Onsen Fuchiko

卓球のフチ子(takkyuu no Fuchiko) - Ping-pong Fuchico

That's another great pattern on the yukata, I love Japanese design! I didn't notice but in the Facebook post Asunarosya said that she's actually holding a slipper and a ping-pong ball :D

Massage Fuchico - Fuchico on the Cup onsen

マッサージのフチ子(massaaji no Fuchiko) - Massage Fuchico

This one has a cool position, I woder how easy it will be to balance her on the edge of a cup...but it will probably work really well on flat surfaces. Love it!

Secret hot spring fuchiko - onsen fuchiko

秘湯のフチ子(hitou no Fuhciko) - Secret hot spring Fuchico

'Hitou' means 'little known hot spring' in Japanese. These hot spring are usually in some isolated place and are really peaceful, often immersed in beautiful nature. So this Fuchico is an expert in hidden hot springs! The flag is really cute, too.

Fuchico drinking sake
ちょい酒のフチ子(choi sake no Fuchiko) - Fuchico having a little sake

Oh my god! Is this one gonna float?? Probably not...but still, what a genious idea! The tiy tray with a sake cup is asesome, and there's a leaf (?) in the water too. And look at that cleavage :D I wonder what it looks like under the surface. I think she's wearing a towel :D

Hot Flash Fuchiko
のぼせのフチ子(nobose no Fuchiko) - Hot flash Fuchico

Oh no, Fuchico was in the hot bath for too long! I love the detail on the face. It's a 'recycled' position I believe, as it looks really similar to Daraan! Fuchiko from series 3.

These are the six normal figures, but there will also be a secret color figure!

Fuchiko on the cup onsen ver.2

I absolutely can't wait to see what it is. I'll try not to ruin the surprise for myself and stay away from Instagram and the like until I get will be hard!

Fuchico Onsen

Fuchiko on the cup onsen ver.2

I love the design on the boxes too! I wonder if the boxes include cups this time...and what kind of colors and designs they will be. We'll see!

You can pre-order one or multiple blind boxes here!

As always, if there is something you're looking for I can find it! Just send me a request.

Hugs from Japan,


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