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[Full Set] Shin Godzilla Gachapon (3 Figures) JULY PRE-ORDER

A resale of a popular gachapon set! This set features three figures of Godzilla from 1954, 1989 and 2016.

[Full Set] PC Icon Pouches (6 pieces) Gachapon

Your computer icons become little pouches that you can use in real life!

[Full Set] Putitto Winnie the Pooh (5 figures) Edge of the Cup Figures - SEPTEMBER PRE-ORDER

Another Disney series becomes edge of the cup figures! This time join Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet on the edge of your cup!

[Full Set] Putitto Pikachu and Eevee (6 figures) Edge of the Cup Figures - OCTOBER PRE-ORDER

This series will be released in October 2018! Of all the edge of the cup figures made so far, Pikachu and Eevee are the winning pair in terms of cuteness. Catch both of them in this 6 figure series!
Picture of PRE-ORDER [Full Set] Mini Traditional Japanese Kitchenware (5 pieces) SEPTEMBER PRE-ORDER

PRE-ORDER [Full Set] Mini Traditional Japanese Kitchenware (5 pieces) SEPTEMBER PRE-ORDER

This is a PRE-ORDER and will ship in September of this year. Full set of miniature Japanese kitchenware. Tiny dishes with amazing detail. Each piece is about 25mm in size.

PRE-ORDER [Full Set] Shiba Inu Series 7 (Six Figures)

This is a pre-order and will be released in September this year. The latest set of Shiba Inu dogs from Epoch. This is an ongoing series and this full set comes with all six figures!

[Full Set] LCD Mini Game Console GAME BOX neo CLEAR (6 pieces) Gachapon - JULY PRE-ORDER

A new mini game console series! Actually playable miniature game consoles. 6 different colors consoles for a total of 26 games. Shooting, driving, block puzzles and more! They also have sound.

[Full Set] Soft Naked mole-rat (5 figures) Gachapon - AUGUST PRE-ORDER

The Japanese are famous for coming up with the weirdest toys and accessories. If you a fan of the weird-cute, you can't miss this set of naked mole-rat soft figures!

[Full Set] Kaiten Sushi Plates Magnets (8 pieces) Gachapon - AUGUST PRE-ORDER

Have you ever been to a conveyor belt sushi? They have different color plates to indicate different prices. This gachapon series features a selection of magnets inspired to those cute little plates!

[Full Set] Super Long Cat Pencil Cap (6 pieces) Gachapon - JULY PRE-ORDER

This new gachapon series features double pencil caps shapes like cats! Using both the front and back on your pencil it will look like the cat's body is super-long!

[Full Set] Putitto Rilakkuma Vol.3 Edge of the Cup Figures (5 figures) JULY PRE-ORDER

The super-popular Japanese Rilakkuma bear returns with a 3rd series of edge of the cup figures! The release date is set for July 2018.
€57.91 €52.64

[Full Set] Purarin Friends (5 pieces) Gachapon - JULY PRE-ORDER

Tiny hanging animal figures that you can put anywhere you want! Here are your new little friends :)

[Full Set] Putitto Minions (5 figures) Edge of the Cup Figures - AUGUST PRE-ORDER

The popular characters from Despicable Me, the Minions finally become a Putitto series! This gachapon collection by Kitan Club features tiny figures that sit on the edge of your cup.

[Full Set] Putitto Koupen-chan vol.2 PRE-ORDER - (5 figures) JUNE 2018

Koupen-chan is a popular Japanese character from Twitter and Line. This series of gachapon features 5 mini-figures for the edge of your cup!

[Full Set] [Reprint] Putitto Shiba Inu Dog PRE-ORDER - Edge of the Cup Figures (8 figures) JULY 2018

This series will be reprinted due to selling out. You won't resist to the cuteness of these tiny Shiba dog pippies playing on your cup! Release date: July 2018
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