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Embroidery Calendar - OCTOBER PRE-ORDER

From Hobbyra Hobbyre, an embroidery calendar for 2019 with 12 different embroidery patterns. The edges are already sewn and the numbers are printed.
Out Of Stock

Armed Cat Model PRE-ORDER

Pre-Order scheduled for release in August. Not your neighborhood stray. Cats in Japan are heavily armed and ready for combat. This is a new line from Bandai. Customizable models featuring cats with military armaments.
Out Of Stock

Living Room Purse by 0313(zero san ichi san)

A stylish purse with the theme of a Japanese living room. Created by the Japanese designer know as 0313(zero san ichi san). The purse features a storybook motif with a retro feel. Inside you'll find plenty of pockets for your smartphone and other accessories. A unique design only available in Japan!
Out Of Stock

Personal Gashapon Machine - Bandai Official

Your very own gacha-gacha machine! This is a personal machine for your home collection that collects coins and dispenses prizes! This full kit comes with one machine, six red prize capsules, coin labels, and more. Accepts ¥100, ¥10, and ¥50 coins.
Out Of Stock
Picture of Practice Kana With Pokemon Book

Practice Kana With Pokemon Book

Practice your katakana and hiragana with Pikachu and friends. This is a softcover book to help you learn the proper stroke order for Japanese kana.
Out Of Stock

UFO Catcher Model (1/12th Scale)

From the game centers of Akihabara right to your home. This is a scale model (1/12th scale) of a UFO catcher. It has so much detail for its size. The front panel even opens up!
Out Of Stock

Embroidery Kit - The Flowers of Japan

This beautiful embroidery kit from Hobbyra Hobbyre contains all the flowers of Japan by region.
Out Of Stock

BE@RBRICK series 35 - Where's Waldo?

Where's Waldo Figure from series 35 of Be@rbricks!
Out Of Stock
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