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[Full Set] Tiny Medicine and First Aid Kit (Six Figures)

A tiny medicine kit to keep your Fuchikos healthy! This fulls set contains all six figures. Three first-aid boxes and a full set of accessories.

[Full Set] I Want to Become a Bonsai Tree - (Four Figures)

A full set of four different kinds of bonsai...but wait, it's a little guy trying to be a bonsai! :D
Out Of Stock

White Gacha Machine - Gachabun no Ichi Series Gacha 2 EZ (Single Figure)

The classic white capsule machine! This is a single figure from the Gachabun no Ichi series.
Out Of Stock

[Full Set] 'I want it!' Begging Dos (Six Figures)

Please can I have a treat? Six cute dogs begging for a treat that's just out of reach. Full set includes all six figures. Six dogs and six tables.
Out Of Stock

[Full Set] Mini Skeletons (Six Figures)

Full set of six spooky, scary, skeleton figures. The dusty old bones are just trying to get some work done. Clear out a little space on your desk for them!
Out Of Stock

[Full Set] Garbage Dump Robots - Retro Electronics Collection (5 Figures) Gachapon

What if someone made robots from old electronics found in the trash? This is the answer! This full collection of 5 robots is cute and retro. Arms and legs are movable and the robots pieces can be taken apart!
Out Of Stock

[Full Set] Tiny Japanese Vending Machines 2 (Five Figures)

Bring the unique design of Japanese vending machines to your desk! This full set contains four different vending machines and a box of cans to fill them with. Push the button and they actually dispense a can!
Out Of Stock
Picture of ★[Full Set] Never Seen Her Face - (Five Figures)

★[Full Set] Never Seen Her Face - (Five Figures)

You spot your admirer everywhere but you can never get a good look at her face! Full set of five figures from this unique gacha set.
Out Of Stock
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