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OTHER Gachapons

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[Full Set] Maid M (6 figures) Gachapon

Your dream of having a personal maid can now come true! :D These mini-figures will sit around you and carry and support your things. This capsule toy series was released back in 2014 in Japan and it was very popular.

[Full Set] Fruits Zombie 2 (6 figures) Gachapon

The second edition of zombified fruit gachapon! This one includes fruits like lemon, peach and melon.

[Full Set] Fruits Zombie (6 figures) Gachapon

Zombie fruit? Yes please! This funny gachapon series is the first of three and it features rotten and zombified fruits like cherry strawberry and pineapple.

[Full Set] Dreamy Kiss Girl - Mousou Chuu (5 figures) Gachapon

Cute gachapon series featuring sweet kissing girls. There are four figures and one extra secret figure in this set. Each figure has a different pose!

[Full Set] Moai a la Mode (7 figures) Gachapon

Faces from the Easter Island statues on fruit? Why not? These highly realistic pieces of fruit and sweets are sure to make your dessert more entertaining.

[Full Set] Mochibake - Japanese Sweets Yokai (5 figures) Gachapon

Japanese mochi sweets meet Obake (ghosts and monsters from the Japanese folklore)! These cute little sweets have a life of their own in this gachapon series.

[Full Set] Fast-Food Girl - Mousou Oneesan no Hamburger-yasan (5 figures) Gachapon

This popular gachapon series puts together two big passions of Japanese people: realistic food samples and anime girls! This little girl hides inside your burger, fries, hot dog and sodas.

[Full Set] Japanese Saboriman - SEQUEL (6 figures) Gachapon

'We're saboriman, so what?" This is what they have to say. These funny figures portray Japanese salary-men ditching work. This is the second series of this kind and it features different colors and one additional secret figure!

[Full Set] Japanese Souvenirs - Kabuki Mask Netsuke Charms (6 pieces) Gachapon - MAY PRE-ORDER

Miniature masks with kumadori, the traditional makeup used in Kabuki! A great present from Japan :)

[Full Set] Korokoro Collection Cassette & Record Pouches (6 pieces) Gachapon - MAY PRE-ORDER

Retro and nostalgic pouches shaped like audio cassettes and records! This gachapon set contains 6 different pouches.

[Full Set] Interchangeable Bondage (4 pieces) Gachapon - MAY PRE-ORDER

Another funny gachapon from Japan. Little bondage outfits for your phone, mouse, plushes, anything you can think of!

[Full Set] Japanese Saboriman (5 figures) Gachapon

'We're saboriman, so what?" This is what they have to say. These funny figures portray Japanese salary-men ditching work.

[Full Set] Black Cat Helper - Kuroneko no Otetsudai (6 figures) Gachapon

A set of mini figures featuring a magic black cat! He steals his master's flying broom, tries to learn some incantations and messes up with potions!

[Full Set] Abandoned Amusement Park Collection (6 figures) Gachapon

Art toys? Horror toys? You decide, but this gachapon series of miniatures is unique!

PRE-ORDER [Full Set] Kirby Terrarium Collection - 6 Figures

Full set of Kirby Terrarium Collection. All six pieces are included. Enjoy small slices of dreamland in tiny containers. This is a PRE-ORDER and will ship near the end of May.

PRE-ORDER Pokemon Terrarium Collection - [Full Set 6 Figures]

Take a peek at life inside a Pokeball. This is a PRE-ORDER for the full set of six Pokemon Terrarium figures. This will ship near the end of June.

[Full Set] Miniature Sniper Gachapon (5 figures)

These tiny tiny snipers hide in everyday objects! Great to take pictures with and just put around the house. These gachapon have really good quality :)

[Full Set] Sandwich Pouch Collection Gachapon (6 pieces)

A super cute set of little pouches that look like sandwiches!
Picture of [Full Set] Cat Hats - Hats For Your Cat, Thief (5 hats)

[Full Set] Cat Hats - Hats For Your Cat, Thief (5 hats)

A cute hat for your cute cat. This series of cat hats features a Japanese thief motif. This is a very popular series in Japan. Sorry, I can't be responsible for any bites or scratches!

[Full Set] Little Prince Stop Motion Mascot - Takaratomy Arts (5 figures)

A set of stop-motion style gachapon figures from Little Prince!
Out Of Stock

[Full Set] Toy Story Happy Dance Time Figures (5 figures)

This gachapon series is inspired to Toy Story 3, specifically Buzz's passionate dance scene when he goes into Spanish mode. All the characters are dancing!

[Full Set] Haco Pug - Box Pug Gachapon (6 Figures) Pug Cube

You know what's missing in your life? PUG CUBES!
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