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Heisei Fuchiko - 2019 Kitan Club x Georgia Coffee Collab Collection

Kitan Club finally comes back with a new Fuchiko series for 2019! As a collaboration with coffee maker Georgia, these 7 figures can be won with canned coffee bought from vending machines in Japan. *Due to the rarity and randomness of the figures, full sets are limited so first come first served!
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***Only a few sets are out there still and I'm now fighting with collectors to get my hands on all seven!***

This set is themed after Heisei, the current era in Japan (wiki article).
The Heisei era is set to end in 2019 so Kitan Club came up with this set to represent some of the iconic things that mark this period (1989-2019)


- Era name Fuchiko: A Fuchiko holding a sign saying "Heisei" in Japanese.

- Kogal (Kogyaru) Fuchiko: A Fuchiko in a school uniform with a tan and bleached hair, a style that was popular in Japan at the end of the nineties.

- Pokebell Fuchiko: Fuchiko with a pager (Poket Bell)

- Omotenashi Fuchiko: a Fuchiko representing Japanese hospitality

- Ganbatte coat Fuchiko: A Fuchiko wearing a blue coat that used to be a popular prize offered by Georgia coffee

- Cellphone Fuchiko: pretty self-explanatory ;)

- Bubble Fuchiko: an elegant Fuchiko to symbolize the times of the economic bubble in Japan.

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