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★[Full set] Osaka's Old Lady - Edge of the Cup figures (6 figures) Gachapon

Old ladies from Osaka tend to be somewhat extravagant. This gachapon series feature mini-figures inspired to this funny bunch!
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This funny set is part of the 'Fuchico on the Cup' series. There's a stereotype in Japan that older women from Osaka tend to be very extravagant. This collection feature miniatures of the various types of Osaka ladies, from the one covered in leopard-print to the one that still dresses like she was in her 20s. They all are mini-figures that sit on the edge of your cup!


● 大阪の女豹
Osaka's leopard woman
● 大阪の元ヤンママ
Osaka's former young mother
● 大阪モンスターペアレント
Osaka's monster parent
● 紫外線を避ける女
Woman avoiding UV rays
● 夜中に物音の女
Woman hearing noises at night
● 大阪のトップレディー
Osaka's top lady

Manufacturer: Kitan Club

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Sizeapprox. 4,5 cm (1.7 inches)
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