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[Full Set] Omikuji no Fuchiko Pastel - New Year Fuchico (6 figures)

The complete series of this traditional Japanese style Fuchico!
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*******Figures only********

"Omikuji no fuchiko" is a temple-themed series of 5 figures that features Fuchiko dressed as a miko (巫女), a shrine (jinja) maiden.

Omikuji is a piece of paper with fortune written on it, that you can get in most Japanese temples.

This second collection features figures from the previous one in different colors, but with one addictional and disgustingly cute figure of Fuchiko and a Maneki neko.

-Manufacturer: 株式会社ハート 
- Copyright: KITAN CLUB


-Beckoning cat and Fuchiko 
-Daikichi Fuchiko 
-Chuukichi Fuchiko 
-Sue Fuchiko 
-Suekichi Fuchiko 
-Omamori Fuchiko

I’ve absolutely loved the first series and can not wait to collect all of these beauties and use them to take pictures all day.

Products specifications
ShippingShips within 10 days of your purchase
Series Name (Japanese)おみくじのフチ子パステル
Series Name (English)Omikuji no Fuchiko Pastel
Sizeapprox. 5 cm (1.9 inches)
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