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[Full Set] Mochibake - Japanese Sweets Yokai (5 figures) Gachapon

Japanese mochi sweets meet Obake (ghosts and monsters from the Japanese folklore)! These cute little sweets have a life of their own in this gachapon series.
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Cute gachapon are always popular in Japan and this is another series to testify that!

Mochi is pounded rice cakes that are used a lot in Japanese dishes and sweets. Obake are a kind of Yokai or shape-shifting monsters from the Japanese folklore. Put them together and you'll get mochibake!

・ぞうに(雑煮) Zōni
A Japanese soup containing mochi rice cakes, often eaten during New Year.

・ずんだ Zunda
Mochi coated with sweetened mashed edamame.

・いそべ(磯部) Isobe
Toasted rice cakes with soy sauce, rolled in seaweed.

・はなみ(花見) Hanami
Three balls of mochi. They represent the passing of the seasons: winter (white) goes away and spring (pink) comes, finally opening the road for summer (green).

・おまめ (お豆) Omame
A ball of mochi with sweet beans in it.


Manufacturer: Takaratomy - Panda's Ana

Products specifications
ShippingShips within 10 days of your purchase
SizeApprox. 25-35mm
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