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★[Full set] Fuchico on the Cup Japan (7 figures)

Extremely popular, this series sold out very quickly and it was released again in May 2017! Only a few complete sets remain.
Availability: 1 In Stock
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In this series Fuchiko shows us the wonders of Japan. From the delicate modeling of the maiko to the dynamic pose of the dezome, enjoy this more scaled-up Fuchiko!

Manufacturer: Kitan Club


Rising sun Fuchiko 
Japanese flag Fuchiko 
Maiko Fuchiko 
Juu Fuchiko (The “juu” is the Kanji used in “juujitsu”) 
Japanese islands Fuchiko 
Dezome Fuchiko 

Products specifications
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Series Name (Japanese)コップのフチ子ジャパン・コップのフチのジャパニズム
Series Name (English)Koppu no Fuchiko Japan - Koppu no Fuchi no Japanism
Sizeapprox. 4,5 cm (1.7 inches)
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Picture of [Full Set] Success Fuchiko  - New Year's Fuchico (5 figures)

[Full Set] Success Fuchiko - New Year's Fuchico (5 figures)

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★Fuchico on the Cup Encyclopedia - 2017 Fuchico Exhibition Limited Edition Book/Mook with Special Figure!

Kitan Club will hold a special exhibition here in Tokyo for Fuchico's 5th anniversary! On December 1st this limited shop will have early sales and FOUR limited edition series!
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