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[Full Set] Japanese Saboriman - SEQUEL (6 figures) Gachapon

'We're saboriman, so what?" This is what they have to say. These funny figures portray Japanese salary-men ditching work. This is the second series of this kind and it features different colors and one additional secret figure!
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The Japanese title is 続 サボリーマンですが、何か? which roughly means 'We're saboriman, so what?-sequel'.
This is a play on the words 'salariman' (Japanese office worker) and 'saboru' (ditching work or school). So these are bored office workers that are trying to do anything else but working!

This second saboriman series features different colors and one extra figure!

- Umbrella golf
- Acting like checking stock prices but actually playing smartphone games
- "Here, pidgeon"
- Looking like in deep thought but actually sleeping
- 2 park benches and one convenience store bento box
- Secret figure


You can use the benches and the bento box to put the figures together and create different scenes, or you can set the single figures around your desk and home on their own.

Products specifications
ShippingShips within 10 days of your purchase
SizeApprox. 35mm
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