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[Full Set] Bath Fuchiko - Fuchico on the Cup Bath Bomb (6 figures)

This is the complete set, including the secret figure, of Bath Fuchiko. The series was sold as bath bombs containing blind boxes. You will receive the 6 figures, without bath bombs.
Out Of Stock
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This set doesn not include bath bombs. You will receive the 6 figures.


- 水辺のフチ子 Waterside Fuchiko 
- アヒルといっしょのフチ子 Fuchiko with duck 
- マーメードのフチ子 Mermaid Fuchiko 
- ダイブのフチ子 Diving Fuchiko 
- 連れてってフチ子 Fuchiko being led by a turtle 
- シークレット Secret

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ShippingShips within 10 days of your purchase
Series Name (Japanese)お風呂のフチ子
Series Name (English)Bath Fuchiko
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