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★Exasperated Sokoko - Sokoko 2 BLUE

Oh no, she gave up! :D Sokoko is a tiny girl that always manages to get squished under your cup. She's part of a gachapon series called 'Koppu no Sokoko'.
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You might know the popular gachapon series 'Fuchico on the Cup' or Koppu no Fuchiko. This is her cousin, 'Sokoko under the Cup'! While Fuchiko (lit. edge girl) sits on the edge of your cup, Sokoko (bottom girl) is squished under your cup.

Check out the Sokoko category for more of these figures!

Manufacturer: KITAN CLUB

Products specifications
ShippingReady to ship (Note: all the items that you order will be shipped together)
Series Name (Japanese)コップのソコ子2
Series Name (English)Cup no Sokoko 2 BLUE
Size63〜80mm (2.4-3.1 inches)
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★Sokoko taking off her shoe - Sokoko 2 BLUE

Oh no, her foot got stuck under your cup! This cute Japanese gachapon figure is called Sokoko (girl at the bottom) and it's very popular in Japan.

★"Shee!!" Sokoko 2 BLUE

Little squished woman figure to put under your cup! Koppu no Sokoko is a Japanese gachapon figure by Kitan Club.
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